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About WoodEx

Situated in the Verviers region, at a crossroads of important connecting roads, not far from the Ardennes and the High Fens, we deliver to professional clients in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

We can offer our customers the best quality because of our knowledge of the wood, of different treatments to prolong the lifespan of the wood, of our rigorous selection of naturally resistant species of wood and the support of qualified partners.


Most of the products in our catalogue are made of scraped and under pressure impregnated pinewood. Some products are made of treated oak or hard exotic wood, a very durable type of wood.

Pressure impregnated treatment

This treatment exists of injecting special metal salts, without arsenic (European guideline 2003/2/EG), into the wood. These salts are confined to the wood and protect the wood for at least fifteen years against fungi, dry rot, woodboring beetles and other wood eating insects. This treatment is carried out in industrial and recognized impregnation bases.

Gaps and cracks

Wood is a natural material and therefore reacts in a natural way! When it is humid the wood will expand, when the weather is warm and dry the wood will shrink. By alternating expansion with shrinking it is inevitable for cracks and gaps to appear. This is perfectly normal and does not damage the durability of our products in any way. By applying a varnish or oil you can definitely make this phenomenon less visible.

Sawing at the construction site

Sawing the wood at the construction site should be avoided at all costs because treatment of the wood near and in the saw cut will be less effective. If necessary, saw cuts can be treated again though.


Once the products are mounted they do not need special maintenance. Applying a varnish or oil, which is not necessary, offers several advantages. Mind you, you will need to tighten the bolts, nuts and screws of the outside toys each couple of weeks.

About WoodEx
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